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Le Backyard is founded and established in Paris since 2015.

+133 %

Growth since 2015

38 %

Upselling and cross selling

46 %

Recommandation from our clients


Start-up / Major companies

Catch your users to improve your KPI

We are data-driven, user-focused and value-based but definitely results oriented. We focus on retention, acquisition and usability rates. Our experts will adopt the most relevant KPI to make your support efficient.

Our KPI story with Sowee (EDF child)

Inquire your workers to build your platform

We are focus on your culture and your actual organisation to reach operational effectiveness. By this way,  we imagine the use of tomorrow to solve change management issues, increase the brand adhesion and improve the working comfort.

A bottom up case study with Metroscope (EDF child)

Discover and gain marketshares

Data driven, our experts help you to better understand your data to bring new services and new products in order to gain market shares or enter into a growing market.

Success story du BtoBtoBtoE pour Natixis

Put some creativity to disrupt a market.

We train your team and digital workers from all around the world. We offer training for Design thinking, Design sprint and UX for Business. Our aim is to give you the keys to succeed in a digital transformation ecosystem.

Our services

Straightforward and flexible.

Data analysis

Catch the user behaviors and define the trends and uses in order to find the innovation opportunities

Product management

We assist your team all along the project with our Product Owner, Product Manager and Product Owner support.

UX / UI Design

Our experts design services and products matching with the needs of your user and your strategic objectives.

Technical part

Our developers build web and mobile solutions in accordance with the ergonomic and design rules of our design teams.

The word of the experts

Fresh ideas, new expériences, new trends…
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